Statistical consulting
Statistically designed trials / Experimental design
Data mining / Data analysis

Nico Laubscher, Statistics Consultant, has applied the art of data analyst since 1957 and provides a professional statistical consulting service to industry and academia.

  • The solution of problems of our clients is pursued ceaselessly and without digressing from the remit and time-frame laid down.

  • The interests of each individual customer are carefully assessed and catered for.

  • The confidentiality, safety and integrity of the data with which we are entrusted are unconditionally guaranteed.

  • The key focus is on the solution of industrial (and general) statistical problems, in particular in the fields of quality and productivity improvement.

  • In-house training in industrial statistics is provided as a service to industry and academia.

  • Training has also been provided to several University departments, e.g:

    • University of Stellenbosch (Process Engineering)

    • University of Cape Town (Chemical Engineering)

    • Durban University of Technology (Chemical Engineering)

    • University of the Western Cape (Chemistry)

    • North West University (School of Chemical and Minerals Engineering)

  • We provide a top class service in these domains because of specialised knowledge held in the fields of:

    • Data mining

    • Statistical analysis

    • Design and analysis of experiments

  • We are the sole appointed reseller in Southern Africa of the design of experiments software Design-Ease and Design-Expert. This state of the art software is developed by Stat-Ease Inc., in the USA.

  • Data recovery and preparation for statistical analysis can be done from all the major database packages as well as from hand-written or scanned documents.

The following software is used for data analysis and presentation of results:
  • STATISTICA 12.0 Data Miner.

  • Design-Expert 9.

  • StatXact 5 for Windows.

  • Microsoft Office

Program development work is done in STATISTICA Visual Basic or Visual Basic for Applications (in Excel) for both of which a library of many routines have been developed.

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